We are thrilled to announce that a stellar cast of leading researchers will join us in Tübingen to offer keynotes, lectures and workshops. Below is the current list of keynotes and invited faculty (in alphabetical order).

Vaclav Brezina
Lancaster University
Tineke Brunfaut
Lancaster University
Robert DeKeyser
University of Maryland
Cristina Flores
University of Minho
Dana Gablasova
Lancaster University
Aline Godfroid
Michigan State University
Jan Hulstijn
University of Amsterdam
Detmar Meurers
University of Tübingen
Marije Michel
Utrecht University
Akira Murakami
University of Birmingham
Benjamin Nagengast
University of Tübingen
Jason Rothman
Reading University
Ana Lúcia Santos
University of Lisbon
Antonella Sorace
University of Edinburgh
Rosemarie Tracy
University of Mannheim
Ulrich Trautwein
University of Tübingen
Katharina Wendebourg
University of Tübingen
John Williams
University of Cambridge
Nicole Ziegler
University of Hawaii